Ziisus is a marketing guy helping startups to succeed and grow. Lean channels work without bureaucracy or middle people – open your Ziisus-connection and you get an immediate contact to consulting marketing professionals. Ask for ideas or request for help – Ziisus responds.


You mean WHAT? 

Ziisus is Zeeland Family’s inner lean startup. We are testing how to help startups in marketing – beginners, small, and medium-size companies. By ordering a connection, you get your own channel for discussion: where marketing professionals spar your company’s marketing for free. Ziisus does not obligate you to anything and you can quit your connection whenever you want.



Because we like to try things. Because we want to help startups to succeed and grow. Because small startups may feel a bit scared to knock on a door of a big marketing company. Because lean interaction is today. Just because.


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